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百度「All in AI」 研究院升級搶星級科學家加盟

以搜索引擎起家的百度,是中國首家宣布「All in AI」的企業,全面發展人工智慧。2014年,百度研究院正式成立,包括3個實驗室(深度學習實驗室、大數據實驗室及矽谷人工智慧實驗室),去年3月,成立AI技術平台體系,任命副總裁王海峰為總負責人,推動研發領先的AI核心技術。Click for More

8 FinTech Trends on Our Radar for 2018

2017 saw big changes, a lot of investment, and some regulatory challenges in fintech. What will 2018 bring? Here’s what we’ll be watching in the coming year. 1. AI will be implemented across the stack 2. New products will make advanced analytics easier 3. Blockchain technologies will be used in financial services products 4. Data … Continue reading 8 FinTech Trends on Our Radar for 2018

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